About the Student Council

What is a Stuver?

Stuver is short for ‘studentenvertegenwoordiger’, the Dutch word for student representative. The stuver is the group leader and contact point for students, lecturers and management board. His/her most important responsibilities are notification and communication, both towards the students and educational staff. A stuver is often approached concerning a.o. the exam regulations, organisation of activities, internship problems, evaluations, etc.

Stuvers are active on the level of the department (Department Student Council) and on a general level for the entire Artevelde University of Applied Sciences (Artevelde Student Council).

The different (Student) Councils

The Department Student Council

The Department Student Council (‘Opleidingsstudentenraad’ or OSR) represents all students of the respective department and acts as the advisory body between students and management. The OSR is as such the most important contact point between the department and the General Student Council.

The OSR is entitled to information on all matters related to the department. This council meets about six times a year. During these meetings the council can give advice concerning the general organisation and functioning of the department. The practical implementation of the exam regulations, the organisation and evaluation of study track counselling and the follow-up on student assessment are discussed.

The Department Council

From the OSR a number of stuvers are elected to have a say in the Department Council (‘Opleidingsraad’ or OR). Students, staff members and the Dean participate in this council.
The OR assembles once every two months, and definitely once preceding each exam period to discuss exam regulations. The Chairman of the OR is the Dean. Meetings takes place at the campus connected to the department.

The Artevelde University of Applied Sciences Student Council

The Artevelde University of Applied Sciences Student Council or SRA is the central, general student council of Artevelde University of Applied Sciences and from this position translates the opinion of all students on matters that directly concern them. In concrete terms this concerns education and exam regulations, evaluation of the book sale, writing advices for the management … This council consists of three stuvers per study programme who were elected for this mandate from their participation in the OSR. The SRA assembles about 8 times per academic year and has an advisory, organisational and formative function:

What Does the SRA Do?

  • Advisory function: the SRA discusses relevant subjects with the university of applied sciences and formulates recommendations.
  • Formative function: the SRA forms its members and the other student representatives.
  • Organisational function: the SRA organises relevant activities for student representatives and often for all students. For example: a communication campaign, an introductory evening, a teambuilding weekend, a drink for all stuvers, a demonstration for better financing in higher education …

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