Student facilities

Student Facilities offers a wide range of student services enabling every student to study and develop himself or herself ‘carefree’ and in the best circumstances.

Living in Ghent

Here you can find all the information you need to know about renting a room.


Down Dog Yoga-app
The ‘downdog-yoga-app’ gives FREE access to all of their sports-apps until the 1st of January for all Arteveldestudents! Download the app:
You have to log in with your Artevelde-emailaddress to get the free access.(Choose a new and different password than the one you use for your Artevelde-account). You start your session whenever you want, on the level you want.  Besides the yoga-classes they also have apps for HIIT-sessions, 7 minute-workouts and even an app to excercice your ballerina-techniques at the ‘barre’ (or chair). Have you never tried yoga before? Please do, and try the yoga-app for beginners! These apps countain all the activity you need at home! Just download them and stay active!

1st of Octobre! Turn your student card into a sports card!
Did you buy a sportscard last semester? You will be able to use that same sportscard, until the end of December 2020.
Our new sportsprogramme will be online soon! --> The Try-out-week will be on the 5th of October.

Sign in, pay online, and get access to our entire sports offer! 
Arteveldestudent: please use '' to login!
Other students: use your student-email to login!
We offer a varied programme from badminton, zumba, volleyball,  indoor football, condition training, …
Every day of the week you can go somewhere for some exercise or competition!
All sport​s activities take place at ​campus Watersportbaan​.

1st of October: Advance registration for all sports is necessary! 

We also organise lots of events and new sports to try. Check our facebook for updates!

Sports Questions? Contact us!

Desire Competition?
Artevelde University of Applied Sciences participates in the competition of StudentensportVlaanderen, where you can play sports against fellow students of Flemish universites of applied sciences and universities, both in team sports and individually. Complete the application form.

Stay Informed?
You want to know all about sports news and last-minute changes? Like our Facebook page (Artevelde University of Applied Sciences Sports Department).


Ghent is a bustling city of culture, dive in!
Culture in Ghent for 5 Euro per Ticket!
Theatre, concerts, film, dance, performance, ...  make your choice at Studio SkoopSphinx,  DemocrazyCAMPO, Vooruit, Handelsbeurs and NTGent.  Maximum 6 tickets/student/academic year!
Tickets are available at the office of Student Support on your campus from the start of the academic year. On this culture platform, you can discover all there is to see and do in Ghent. the radio station by and for students: listen live!
Student Kick-off: big party at Sint-Pietersplein to celebrate the start of the academic year (first Wednesday of the academic year).
Gentse feesten: 10 days of non-stop partying in the inner city.

Online tips:
Goesting, the weekup, Uit In Vlaanderen, guidoguide Ghent, film festival Ghent
Do you want to stay informed about all free events in Ghent: performances, try-outs, lectures, museums, ...? Check Gratis in Gent, Uit in Gent, Uit in Vlaanderen.

KLIK: Ghent student app

Meet fellow Ghent students with similar interests:
download KLIK - student Gent, now in the App Store or Google Play!

Hungry or thirsty?

Indulge in our cafeteria and be amazed by the good quality and prices in De Kantiene, campus Kantienberg. For less than 5 euro you can enjoy the daily dish and soup. Sandwiches and salads are also available. We think ecologically and from a fair-trade point of view.

The week menu can be found on My Dinar every week, under 'Artevelde announcements'.
Open every week day from 8h to 14h30: from 8h you can try our freshly baked pastries and from 9h30 we have sandwiches available too. Hot dishes are served between 11:30 and 13:45.
During the exams we are open from 8:30 to 14:00.


Bike Rental and Repair

Going around Ghent by bike, it's possible! De Fietsambassade loves people who ride their bicycle, especially in Ghent.  At De Fietsambassade you rent a bicycle without breaking the bank. Choose between two models: a bicycle with or without gears. 

Go to De Fietsambassade for bicycle rental, bicycle repair, bicycle parking, innovation and bicycle culture. You can repair your bike at one of their bike points.

Public Transport

With a Buzzy pass (till the age of 24), you can hop-on and hop-off trams and busses in Flanders. For more inforamion, please visit the website of De Lijn

A doctor please! 

There is a university medical service for students, which is located at Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 25, Ghent. Consultations are daily from 9 am to 7 pm on working days (9 am – 5 pm by appointment, 5 pm – 7 pm without appointment).

There are no evening consultations during the Christmas/Easter holidays, July and August. You can make an appointment during office hours at the reception of the Advisory Centre for Students: call +32 9 264 70 20.

Please inform the doctor if you can’t make it to the appointment. If you need urgent medical help at night, in weekends or on holidays, you can call the central number +32 9 236 50 00.

Library services

There is a library on the different campuses with information about the content of the departments on that campus. The student card gives you access to all of Artevelde University of Applied Sciences’ media libraries and digital sources.

The website of the city of Ghent offers more information to organise your stay in Ghent.

The Office of Student Support

Looking for a student room or financial support?
Upset about something and in need of a serious talk?
An interest in Sports or cultural activities?
The Office of Student Support (Stuvo) is there for you.
Discover who to contact on your campus.