Tailor-made guidance

Studying is a challenging undertaking. It’s a road with success and great achievements, but here and there you will encounter a bump in the road or you will find yourself at a difficult crossroads. Artevelde University of Applied Sciences will support you to achieve your goals but will also provide you a shoulder to lean on. We offer a tailor-made guidance for everyone's taste.

Choice of study programme and reorientation

No idea what to choose? You’ve almost made a decision but are there still some programmes in the running? You want to switch to a programme that suits you better? The Office of Study and Career Guidance is the place to be for you! They will help you sort things out.

Special status

Pursuing higher education isn’t that obvious for you because of an impairment or because your combining it with a family, top sport, a job or your own company? Your care coach can help you apply for education- and exam facilities. This way pursuing a higher education is feasible. Do you need a special status (education and examination facilities for disorders or learning disabilities, individual circumstances or a work, entrepreneur or top-class sports status)? Schedule an appointment by sending an email to your diversity coach.

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Admission requirements

A secondary education diploma is an admission ticket to the university of applied sciences. If you don’t have the required diploma and you are 21 or older you can sit an entrance exam. More information? See the service study advice. Are you already enrolled at Artevelde University of Applied Sciences but would you like to apply for an exemption? Contact your study track manager.

Study finance

Would you like to get more information about the possibilities concerning student finance?
The Office of Student Support can provide FUNDS for degree seeking students.
Check here what the 3 conditions are to receive a scholarship from the Flemish Community.
Depending on your situation, nationality and budget, you may qualify for an advance payment on your Flemish Government scholarship, an interest-free student loan, a grant for studies/internship abroad, for sustainable study material, or for psychosocial counselling. Or if you want to apply for an additional grant based on your study costs or tuition fee, please use our application form AND add all necessary documents.

A grant can be considered as a scholarship: you do not have to pay it back.

If you do not fulfill the nationality condition, you can make use of an interest-free loan of max € 1000 for paying your tuition fee or study costs. This loan must be repaid within the academic year.

Second-Hand Purchase of Study Materials


You cannot buy study materials second-hand or exchange study materials in the Artevelde shops.

Do you intend to buy books second-hand? Always check if the ISBN number and edition of the second-hand book correspond with the information on your unique study materials list. If these are not the same, then the book is probably an outdated version that might be useless to you.

In addition, do not purchase any second-hand books that come with an internet code. This code gives access to additional learning materials and/or exercises, but can only be activated once. If you buy such a book second-hand, you will not be able to use this code.

Study methods

Train your brain! The learning coach of your programme will help you to find an efficient and effective way to study. You will receive tips about summarizing, structuring and making a realistic planning. You can also consult Stop cramming, a website with a 5-step plan for students who struggle with their study strategy. The website consists of study tips, checklists and a lot of exercises. In case of fear of failing or procrastination behaviour, check out our free online tool Studies without worries

Spotlight on assessment is a website which students can use to find tips on the most popular types of assessment in higher education. The website describes 11 types of assessment. It explains the procedure of each type of assessment, the best way for students to prepare for this, and the most common difficulties, if applicable, etc.

Social-legal guidance

A cobweb of laws and rules surround your student life. The Office of Student Support will give you legal information and advice about your social security (taxes, student job, living wage, studying as an employee,..). More information: check https://centenvoorstudenten.be/english/

Special needs coach

In special circumstances, more personal academic coaching is in order. Do you have extra difficulties due to a disability of any sort? The special needs coach will work with you individually if the existing support mechanism are insufficient. Get in touch with the diversity coach of your programme to see if you are eligible. The coaching is always on demand, tailor-made and departs from the strenghts and the context of the individual student. You can apply at anytime.

A study programme tailor-made for you

Together with your track manager you outline a pathway for your programme. Do you want to choose for a diploma-, a credit- or an exam contract? How much credit would be best for you to take? Do you have any exemptions? As a result you get a tailor-made track!

Study progress

A personal track coach evaluates your study results, advises you after your exams and motivates you. At the beginning of your track the focus is on study progress. Later on, other track choices will be addressed like choosing a suitable internship or bachelor’s thesis.

Language coaching

Every bachelor programme has a language coach (find your language coach here). The language coach can help you with language issues that hinder you during your studies.

The university of applied sciences offers a range of activities to boost your language proficiency (and hopefully improve your academic success).

  • Feel free to use the checkslists with the core rules of netiquette, academic writing and note taking.
  • You can register for writing clinics. During a writing clinic you can get individual and personalised feedback on your language use and text construction in a writing assignment. You should bring a text of at most 4 pages, which a language coach will review as a first (critical) reader. You will get feedback on the text's strong and weak points, and, through a conversation with the language coach, will work on improving your text. The language coach isn’t a corrector, but an adviser
  • who explains how they interpret the text so you can adjust the text before submitting a final version. You can sign up by sending an email to writingclinics@arteveldehs.be.
    Writing clinics at Artevelde University of Applied Sciences
  • Exchange students can also enroll in Dutch language courses. Consult Dinar for more info and tools.
  • Every year around February 21 we organise Language Diversity Week to put different languages and cultures in the spotlight.

For more information, please contact studyguidance@arteveldehs.be.

Psychological guidance

In trouble? Need a chat? The Office of Student Support offers you a discrete and attentive ear of support. You can drop by for one or more conversations. If you need a more intensive guidance or therapy we can refer you to our own professional network. If you need financial support while taking therapy sessions, you can use our application form.

Where can you go in the evenings, at the weekend and during the holidays?
There is an extensive range of telephone and chat support: click here for an overview.

Check our free online tool Studies without worries, so you can work at home at your own speed on failure, assertiveness, procrastination...

Or check our training sessions, so you can tackle some issues in group.

Training sessions

Train your talent! We have a colorful variety: entry courses, training sessions concerning fear of failure, assertiveness, procrastination or how to apply for a job... and a lot more.
Here you can find an overview of all workshops and inspirational sessions (in Dutch).

In cooperation with other Higher Education Institutions we also provide workshops in English.

Interested? Register online or contact the Office of Student Support or The Office of Study and Career Guidance .


Our ombudsperson is there for all your questions concerning education and exam regulations, the fair proceedings of exams or what to do when you missed an exam. When you have a disagreement with your teacher, you can also knock on their door.

Recognition of previously acquired competencies

Flemish Higher Education has become more flexible over the last decades. Students are able to plan their study trajectory more individually and make use of their relevant experiences, the Previously Acquired Competencies (PAC), to optimise that trajectory. Universities of applied sciences and universities can take into consideration skills and knowledge which were learned or developed at the workplace, during social activities, or through volunteer work.

A procedure was designed for the recognition of these competencies (RPAC). If you consider yourself eligible for a recognition of your skills, then this guide will provide you with the necessary information.

Continuing your studies / applying for a job

You have your diploma and you want to specialise? The study advice service helps you to look for the right next step.
Start to work? We’d love to read your CV and give you some job interview tips.

Information skills

Do you have trouble finding, judging and using useful information? A course on information skills in the library teaches you to formulate a subject, to distinguish different information sources, to look things up in the library, on the internet and to correctly refer to your sources.

Studying and engaging in a business

An Idea Factory-coach helps you to combine studying and your own business. We guide you from idea to concrete company and give you support where needed. On the one hand with personal advice and on the other hand with interesting information and inspiration sessions about various topics.

Would you like to make use of these guidance services? You can find more information within your own programme or contact studieadvies@arteveldehs.be.

Changing your enrolment or quitting your studies during academic year

Do you want to change your enrolment or do you want to quit your studies during the academic year? This guide provides you with the necessary information.