Your language, your asset – Language Diversity Week 2023

Mark February 20 to 25 in your agenda.

Including sessions Somali and Spanish, how to learn foreign languages, and from the international club, the week promises to be relaxing, educational, and language-rich.

Language Diversity Week 2022

In 2022 we celebrated Language Diversity Week from February 21 to 25. A selection of activities below:

  • Bilingual reading: in English and Russian
    Experience the beauty of language and literature, and the differences. Session by student Ulyana Van Ussel and Tinneke van Bergen, language coach and teacher trainer.
  • Finnish for dummies
    Deepdive in all things Finnish in this session from a visiting student.
  • Scottish Language and Culture
    Looking to discover how Scottish students speak and what they do? Join our three Scottish students.
  • Alors on chante
    Relax and sing some French tunes with lecturer Greet van Cromphaut and live music.
  • Café Molière
    Listen to Molière in the original language thanks to student Aurélie.
  • Inspiration session Flemish Sign Language
    Lecturer Serge Vlerick opens our week with this inspiration session.
  • Myths on multilingualism
    A fact check by Glenn Aerts, teamleader and lecturer speech therapy.
  • On the other side: experiences of multilingual students in Suriname​
    Sita Doerga-Misier (Anton de Kom University in Paramaribo) is lecturer Dutch and coordinator academic skills. She shares the experiences and results of her students who go out in the field looking for strengths of multilingualism.

From African to Yue Chinese

Afrikaans Akan Albanian Algerian Arabic Armenian Assyrian Azeri Bambara Basque Bengali Berber Bosnian Bulgarian Cambodian Cape Verdean Creole Catalan Cebuano Chechen Chinese Creole Croatian Czech Dari Danish Dholuo Dutch​​​​​​​ Dyula Edo English Estonian Fang Farsi Filipino Finnish French Fula Fulani Georgian German Greek Gujarati Hebrew Hindi Hungarian Icelandic Igbo Indonesian Ingush Italian Javanese Kinyarwanda Kirundi Kurdish Lao Lingala Lithuanian Luxembourgish Malaysian Mandinka Maninka Mauritian Creole Medumba Mongolian Montenegrin Moroccan Arabic Nepali Northern Sami Norwegian Papiamento Pashto Persian Polish Portuguese Punjabi Romani Romanian Russian Serbian Shona Sign language Spanish Sranan Tongo Swahili Swedish Tagalog Telugu Thai Tibetan Tigrinya Turkish Twi Ukrainian Urdu Uyghur Vietnamese Wolof Yoruba Yue Chinese ​​​​​​​

All languages spoken by students at Artevelde UAS ​​​​​​​*10 most spoken languages

What is Language Diversity Week?

Since 2017 AUAS has organized a yearly Language Diveristy Week. The goal is twofold. One, we want to put a spotlight on language and culture. The language diversity is often much greater than assumend at AUAS. Take a look at this infographic with facts and figures and watch the testimonials of multilingual students and staff.

Second, we want to highlight the added value speaking more languages has. Our blog (in Dutch) disproves some basic misconceptions on multilingualism.

Looking back on Language Diversity Week 2021

In 2021 Language Diversity Week was hosted from February 22 to 26.

  • Managing increasing diversity: How do multilingual and foreign-language students experience studying at Artevelde UAS? Presentation of the research results of focus interviews with multilingual and foreign-language students.
    By Joke Vrijders, Pieterjan Bonne and Nele Pierlet of the Office for Study and Career Guidance - recording - slides (in Dutch)
  • Myths on multilingualism: fact check
    By Glenn Aerts, lecturer Speech Therapy - recording - slides (in Dutch)
  • Intercultural and mulitlingual Meet & Greet with break-out rooms in Spanish, French, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, etc.
    By more than 20 multilingual students of AUAS
  • Punjabi for dummies: Immerse yourself in a (new) language and culture
    By Romy Singh, student Primary Education - slides (in Dutch)
  • Experience workshop: Discover how it feels to study in a language that isn't your mother tongue
    By Tinneke van Bergen, language coach and lecturer Primary Education
  • Multiligualism: an asset for employers? Inspirational session with multilingual students, alumni and professionals
    By Pieterjan Bonne - recording (in Dutch) and
    • Idris Folad, student Business Management
    • Taoufik Boutiebi, alumnus Early Childhood Education and student Social Work, from at KAA Gent Foundation
    • Ahlam El Hayouni, alumna Preschool Education, teacher
    • Peter Hulpiau, from Good Planet
    • ​​​​​​​Marieke Lamaire, from City of Gent

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