Language Diversity Week

Did you know that 1 out of 10 Artevelde students is multilingual? All students combined speak more than 80 languages! UNESCO celebrates this diversity on February 21st, International Mother Language Day. And Artevelde University of Applied Sciences joins the yearly celebration!

Multilingualism and interculturality are increasing at our university of applied sciences. That is why we put languages and cultures at the heart of the week around February 21st, our Language Diversity Week. Try to grasp and understand multilingualism better through the testimonials on the right: is it a strenght or weakness, how does it feel and how are language and culture connected? Multilingual students and staff offer a unique insight. Different programmes and campusses set up small events. In class you might participate in a language quiz, some programmes run a language rally, others set up language sessions for dummies where multilingual students or staff introduce their culture and teach you some words and sentence in a language they know. We had sessions on Turkish, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Albanian, Dari, Uzbek, sign language... Interested to share some insights on your culture and/or language? Contact the Office of Study and Career Guidance.

Language Diversity Week 2020

This year you can participate in an international and intercultural dialogue on multilingualism. On February 19th 2020 the university of applied sciences hosts a language carrousel with people from Rwanda, Vietnam, Suriname, Uganda, Zambia, South Africa , Ecuador and Cambodja. In different groups we will discuss multilingualism, share experiences, challenges and sollutions.