Special status - Diversity coaching

Equal Opportunities: reasonable accommodations

Each student deserves the chance to bring out the best in him/herself. That is why Artevelde University of Applied Sciences supports certain target groups through the recognition of a special status. Students with a special status may receive reasonable accommodations that aim at overcoming the obstacles created by their specific situation.

The following categories of students may apply for reasonable accommodations related to their courses and / or examinations:

  • Persons with disabilities: they are entitled to reasonable modifications;
  • Top athletes;
  • Practitioners of the arts;
  • Student representatives of Artevelde University of Applied Sciences, Association, VLOR and VVS;
  • Students with a political mandate;
  • Working students;
  • Student entrepreneurs, including prospective student-entrepreneurs;
  • Students in other individual circumstances.

Accommodation for teaching and learning activities may include class attendance, study materials, tasks, assignments, bachelor's thesis and internships, in short, the entire study track and study programme.
Accommodations regarding assessment activities may relate to the movement and distribution of exams.


In order to obtain reasonable accommodation, the student must submit a request via the digital registration system to the diversity coach and the programme director in accordance with the procedures written in the Special Status Guide. The student adds the necessary documents to his request to prove that he/she belongs to one of these target groups. The programme director examines the merits of the application and decides whether or not to allow the student the facilities or reasonable modifications.

The study programme director informs the student as soon as possible in writing of the decision, no later than 30 calendar days after the application has been submitted. The decision to allow reasonable accommodations is binding for all members of the teaching, administrative and technical staff of the university college.

More information

Special Status Guide 2022-2023

VLOR certificates for students with disabilities

Here you can find the digital VLOR certificates. The documents need to be filled in by the authorised people mentioned on the specific certificate. It is important that the authorised person also fills in part B (impact disability educational domains). This way, the diversity coach can reach a better understanding of your support needs.