Visa and registration upon arrival

Visa application

All information about obtaining a visa for Belgium is available via the Federal Public Service for Foreign Affairs and the Foreigners Department of the FPS Home Affairs. Be sure to apply for the correct visa. Changing from one visa type to another is not always possible.

More information about Belgium Visa Application Requirements?

Specific information on how to apply for a visa for Belgium can be found on the webpage of the Federal Public Service for Foreign Affairs.

The contact details of all Belgium embassies an consulates worldwide can be found here.

! Please note since the 2nd of March 2015, a contribution is required for the processing of certain long stay (D) visa applications for non-EU students. The fee depends upon the type of visa and the status of the applicant and varies between €160 and €215. Detailed information can be found on the website of the Belgian Federal Public Service for Foreign Affairs.

Registration upon arrival at the Foreigners' Registration Office of the City of Ghent

All foreign students staying in Ghent, have to report to the Foreigners' Registration Office as soon as possible after arrival in Ghent.

This registration is obligatory for ALL foreign students, no matter how long they stay in Belgium or no matter what their home country is.

All information about the different procedures can be found on the following webpage (dutch version). 

Specific information on the registration procedure at the Foreigners' Registration Office of the Cit of Ghent can be found here: